By adopting a development policies and  entering into new pharmaceutical fields in the world, Barakat Pharmaceuticals, as one of the biggest pharmaceuticals holding companies in Iran, has always employed skilled experts modern sciences and the pharmaceutical scholars to advance its vision and mission.In addition, the company has taken an effective step forward by establishing modern management systems in the organization in order to tap into the talents and creativity of its human resources and administrators that are undoubtedly the most valuable assets of any successful firm.  

Dr. GH.Asgharzadeh Zaferani

Vice chairman of the board

Dr.Mohammad Rezvanifar

Nasrallah Fathiyan, Chairman of the board

Mr. Nasrallah Fathiyan holds a Master of Science degree in health services administration. He has conducted research needs assessment for the Health Management Research Center and presented several papers and presentations at the national congress of the Iranian Association of Surgeons, the Iranian Nursing System, in Tehran, Mashhad and Esfahan University of Medical Sciences. In addition, Mr. Nasrallah Fathiyan’s executive records are as follows: Founder and chairman of the board of the Ashura Charity Rescuers, founder and member of the board of trustees of the Qadre Alavi charity, founder and chairman of the board of the Health Management Association, member of board of directors of Alborz Investment Company, chairman of the board of Shifa Pharmed Industrial Group.

Dr hamidreza jamshidi