شرکت دارویی برکت مجری تولید واکسن پنتاوالان در طرح تحول سلامت بیشتر بدانید


تاریخ مقاله: 1395/10/15  |  کد مقاله: 82

Management Statement

Barkat Pharmaceutical Group utilizes a public collaborative, smart management system. As a result, the holding’s management is undertaken within all approved local and international regulations.  Following corporate sovereignty principles, the holding is governed with constant supervision, collaborative decision making using information systems, integrated management, expertise, experience,  speed, accuracy, and transparency.

Corporate Statement

Barkat Pharmaceutical Group  as a pharmaceutical holding, focuses on loyal and professional human resources and decision-making principles based on evidence. We apply all our efforts to continuous improvement of processes and optimization of corporate efficiency. We protect the brand values of all the companies under our corporate umbrella through the development of legal, technical, and  financial support, creation of organizational synergies, provision of necessary infrastructure, and continuous management and performance control in parallel with the development of science and technology with the aim of social and economic value creation, and participation in health promotions

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