شرکت دارویی برکت مجری تولید واکسن پنتاوالان در طرح تحول سلامت بیشتر بدانید

Persian Darou Alborz Research and Technology Fund

تاریخ مقاله: 1393/12/10  |  کد مقاله: 77

The institution ( was set up based on a partnership limited by shares between privet sector and academic sector as a hybrid between pharmaceutical industry and researchers and technologists. In 2013, there was a change in the composition of the institution shareholders and all partnership limited by shares of Alborz Investment Company were transferred to Barakat Pharmed Company and that the part of partnership limited by shares of the Iranian Ministry of Health and Medical Education, as one of the major shareholders of the institution, were transferred to both Tabriz University of Medical Sciences and Baqiyatallah University of Medical Sciences. By doing this, alongside the presence of Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences and Health Services as one of the major shareholders of the institution, a perfect combination of shareholders has been established (it is forecasted that at least four universities would make partnerships with the institution in the near future which would form an even more perfect combination) which can contribute to the commercialization of pharmaceutics by using public and private financial resources and thus can play a leading role in developing technologies that provide such products in the country.

The Advantages and Opportunities arising from Setting up Persian Darou Alborz Research and Technology Fund:

  • Creating competitive advantage for Barakat Pharmaceuticals firm to access technologists, new technologies and new products in the pharmaceutical field;
  • Supporting researchers, technologists and knowledge-based companies in transforming knowledge into technology and technology into products as well, in order to reinforce their presence in the Iranian and the regional markets (exporting knowledge, technology and technological products);
  • Implementing Barakat Pharmed Co. research activities in the institution in order to develop knowledge and health technology and enhance scientific and commercial synergies in the Iranian pharmaceutical industry;
  • Organizing the development of pharmaceutical technologies in Barakat Pharmed Company;
  • Providing organized support for commercializing knowledge and transferring technology and localizing them in Barakat Pharmed Company;
  • Doing extensive networking between growth, research, clinical research and industrial centers.