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Cell tech Pharmed Co

تاریخ مقاله: 1393/12/10  |  کد مقاله: 74

Cell tech Pharmed Co., the Cellular-Molecular project. , With a commercialization goal, this project, as the outcome of the research and efforts of hundreds of tireless scientists and experts of Royan Institute, that is one of the value oriented and leading institutions in the field of new and advanced cellular-molecular technologies, is planned and implemented as a response to the essential human needs in terms of promoting public health. The project will place Iran, in terms of science and technology, among developed countries that possess this kind of knowledge and technology. In addition, the project will play an important and effective role in treating patients who need special care and treatment.

The Major Advantages and Features of the Project:

  • Transformation in health system, using technology based on futures study;
  • Responding to oodles of questions pertaining to healthcare, using the complexity of cellular-molecular and cell therapy sciences;
  • The possibility of taking advantage of individualized medicine, especially to treat rare diseases;
  • A change in clinical research and pharmaceutical technologies approaches;   
  • Taking advantage of scientific and research capacity of Royan Institute;
  • Iran strategic and important role in the region and in health system by commercializing cellular-molecular sciences.
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