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Etela Alborz Investment Co

تاریخ مقاله: 1393/12/10  |  کد مقاله: 69

Etela Alborz Investment Co. (PJS) was registered under the name of Industry Investment Company of Panzdahe Khordad Foundation privet joint-stock in the Company Registration Central Office of Iran in 1988. Then, the company renamed into Alborz Etela Investment and that it went public company in 2013. Alborz Etela Investment Co., as an investment company, is amongst few organizations that invest heavily in pharmaceutical products.  

Scope of activity:

The company invests in the shares and Paid-in capital of pharmaceutical companies, investment units of Investment Funds or other voting securities of them to obtain profit. However, alone or together with its related parties, the company does not have control over investee companies, institutions and Investment Funds or has no influence on them. Also, the company invests in other securities which typically have no voting rights (non-voting securities) and the shareholders won’t be able to vote for electing directors and the issuers.

  • Establishing and managing a professional, non-management portfolio of pharmaceutical industry with a synergistic approach;
  • Having active presence in the capital market and taking advantage of opportunities in Stock Exchange.