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K.B.C Trading Co

تاریخ مقاله: 1393/12/10  |  کد مقاله: 66

K.B.C Trading Co. was founded with the name of Manshoor stock company in 1954 and then went general partnership in 1957 and finally went privet joint-stock in 1971 and was renamed into KBC. The company went public company in 2013 and was listed on the Tehran Stock Exchange as well. The company is now one of the largest pharmaceutical products importing companies and it is Iran’s third largest pharmaceutical products importing company as well. The company acts as a manufacturers representative firm for large and renowned pharmaceutical companies in the world including Eli Lilly and Sanofi Pasteur and works with Iran’s Ministry of Health and Medical Education to provide subsidized items such as Reef and influenza vaccines.            

Scope of Activity:

The company engages in commercial activities including importation, exportation, buying and selling any goods, manufacturing drugs, packaging pharmaceutical bulk items, building and setting up factories etc., any authorized transactions, partnership with other companies, buying shares in other companies and any related business activities.

The company now imports 25 items related to different treatment groups manufactured by renowned companies in the world.      

Geographical Location: Tehran

Exclusive and Distinctive Features:

  • Won the third place amongst pharmaceutical products importing companies in 2013;
  • The major supplier of vaccines required by Ministry of Health and Medical Education in Iran. 

Human Resources:

Totally, 38 men and women work in different units such as marketing and business units for the company.  

Certificates and Certificates of Appreciation:

 Because the company has shown an appropriate approach and ability in business, it was granted certificate of Quality-Based Endeavor from Iran’s Ministry of Health and Medical Education, Food and Drug Administration, and ISO 9001 certificate as well.     

List of business partners:

The company purchases its pharmaceutical items from reputed and renowned pharmaceutical companies in the world including Turkish Hermes Co., German MERC, French Sanofi Aventis, Mercury Company Dubai, Hegzel from Germany, Swiss Eli Lilly, Austrian Examon Co., Danish Novo Nordisk Co., Austrian Mag Cord Pajer Co., Gedeon Richter Co. from Hungry etc.