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Barkatel Co

تاریخ مقاله: 1396/03/20  |  کد مقاله: 59


  1. Providing para-clinical laboratory services in remount areas with the aim of reducing the need to send experts and specialists to the area and reducing the need to referring   patients to other areas as well;
  2. Providing diagnostic assistance and ambulatory vital signs monitoring services used in ambulances in the country to offer centralized control and professional and medical guidance to the technical control center;
  3. Providing electronic health records of citizens for both patients and non-patients based on Family Doctor Plan with the ability to aggregate information in the data center;
  4. The possibility of obtaining various statistical, operational and research reports regarding health policy with the aim of making policy and panning for finished services costs etc.;
  5. Providing data storage health cards aiming at recording citizens’ health data by using SIM cards rather than data storage cards;
  6. Guiding doctors and practitioners to prescribe logically and based on scientific frameworks with the aim of omitting and/or controlling irrational prescribing, para-clinical- drug interactions and patients referral;
  7. Linking the services with insurance services companies and payment system;
  8. Providing electronic based reference services and feedbacks, and recommendations to the referring physician from the specialist to continue treatment;     
  9. Providing health education services via cell phones, internet and multimedia packages to the target audiences;
  10. Providing online and offline audio and video distance education to the medical and paramedical groups;
  11. Paving the way for implementing and developing Family Doctor Plan;
  12. Creating a communication system between hospitals paving the way for hospitalizing patients easily and sending the medical records of patients with the aim of reducing reworking;
  13. Offering electronic entertainment (games for age groups or stories and videos) to induct positive messages of health education to the audiences;
  14. Providing remote health consultation services via the phone and the web.